Photos From Last Night Photos From Last Night


Q. How much do you charge? What are your rates?
A. Depends on the event, usually $100 per hour.

Q. Love your work, how can I hire you?! 
Email me your name/company, time/dates and any other detailed information on the event to

Q. There is a photo that I want removed from the site.
A. Email a link to the photo and the reason at

Q. Do you do Weddings?
A. No, not currently, but Photobooths yes.

Q. Are you hiring?
Currently looking for photographers. Send Resume to 

Q. I want to show my support by donating, where can I donate?

Q. There is this really old photo you took of me, where can I find it?
A. Email me the specifics (when, where) and i'll see what I can do.

Q. What other companies have you done a photo booth for?
A. (below)